Creative touch is a feature that allows you to draw in Photoshop and then add your own elements to create beautiful effects.

You can use the following tips to create your own creative touch: 1.

Start with a blank canvas.

It’s a good idea to start with a canvas and then choose a color palette to match.

You may also want to pick a few colors for the background.

It’ll make your Photoshop work easier.


Choose a color.

Choose colors for your elements in Photoshop, then choose your brush tool and go to Layer > Brush > Select Color.


Add colors.

Now you can add colors to the layer.

Use the arrow keys to move the brush to a color you like and click on the “Add Color” button.


Add more colors.

Click on the new pencil icon to add more colors to your layer.

You’ll also notice that you can move the color palette from layer to layer and add new colors to it. 5.

Add a brush stroke.

Now that you have your colors, go to the Layer > Brushes panel.

Use your arrow keys and drag a brush to create an outline.

Click the brush stroke icon to open the Brush Brush menu and choose the brush you want to add to your canvas.


Add an object.

In the Brush menu, click on an object to create a brush.

Select a color and click the “Apply” button to apply your brush stroke to the object.


Apply a mask.

Now go to a layer, and in the Brush panel, click the mask icon to create the brush mask.

Use only the brush strokes you chose in Step 4.


Save your brush strokes.

Select your brush, and you can save it as a new brush stroke in Photoshop.


Create a new layer.

Click anywhere in the layer to go to that layer.

Select the layer you created in Step 1 and click “New.”


Create your brush.

Now, select the brush and select the layer with the new brush.

In Photoshop, go down to the Brushes menu and select a layer.

From the Brusches menu, choose a layer and then select the Brush Tool > Select Brush.

Now click on “New Brush” and select your brush as your new brush in Photoshop’s Brushes dialog box.