title Google is set to release its first full-colour Google Photos water source on Thursday, and it’s a beautiful picture.

But, is it the right idea?

The water source pictured is one of many that Google is working on, including one that could be an indoor water reservoir, according to Google’s Creative Lab.

It will be used to produce imagery and video for Google’s social networks, the company said in a blog post.

The idea is to “take your own imagery and use it to generate imagery for your network”.

The water source, the first of its kind, is a “simple water tank, connected to a wall”, Google said.

“It allows you to have a pool in your home or your office, or in a garage, or even a pool on the beach.”

The water tank could also be used for gardening, or to create virtual plants, which could then be used by users on their own platforms.

Water tanks have long been a common feature in digital photography.

Google’s first water tank was built in the US, and the company recently launched a Google Glass-style water tank in London.

Other digital water tanks have been designed to capture images of waterfalls and other natural phenomena. 

Google says it will launch the water tank for users to create their own images.

The water is actually made of stainless steel and is made to be recycled.

Google also plans to sell it at a lower price than the average $1,500 that a standard water tank costs, the blog post said.

Google is aiming to have the water source in the UK by the end of June, and Google is also working on an indoor-based water tank.

It is also looking at water sources for businesses, as well as creating images and videos for social networks.