A new kind of creative outlet is opening up for people to share their work with the world via Pinterest.

The Pinterest blog post explains that its new ‘art content’ app, CreativeCode, lets users create and share a visualisation of a post with their friends or a searchable database of related content.

The site has been created in partnership with Pinterest co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is also the CEO of Facebook.

The app allows users to create their own creative content using a range of templates, such as a simple photo collage.

They can upload a link to the collage, embed it on their own site, or share it on Facebook.

It’s a powerful new tool for sharing creative content on the social network, which is already home to millions of people and boasts a growing user base of almost 40 million.

But while the app is being rolled out across Facebook’s mobile platforms, it will also appear on the desktop platform.

While this is an ambitious move for Pinterest, the company is taking it step by step, with its first official announcement of the new service set for Tuesday.

The blog post notes that it’s a collaborative way for people and brands to share ideas, images and art.

It’s not just about sharing and sharing, it’s about sharing more.

The company says that its ‘creative code’ feature will allow users to quickly create and upload a collection of images, videos, and text that are all shared via Pinterest and will be available to others on the site.

It has also revealed that it plans to create ‘new tools to enable people to engage and share their content’ as well as ‘better connect with others’ on Pinterest.