NASA has signed a new deal with DreamWorks Animation to make a sci-fi adventure film called “Aurora” starring the popular “Star Wars” star.

The deal is the latest step in a partnership that has brought DreamWorks back to the world of animation after a nearly three-decade hiatus.

The company made the “Star Trek” movies for Paramount and then went on to make “The LEGO Movie,” a sequel to its popular “Lego Movie” franchise.

The studios recently renewed their relationship for another “Star” movie.

DreamWorks Animation also is set to produce the “Transformers” film franchise, which includes “The Transformers” franchise, “Transformatron” movies, “Cybertron” and a “Transform” movie “Transformus.”

The studio will also produce the new Disney movie, which is slated to come out in 2018.

The announcement came a day after the film’s star, “Astro Boy” actor Anthony Daniels, told The Hollywood Reporter he’d signed a deal with Disney.

Daniels, who was born in Chicago and now lives in Los Angeles, has been one of the stars of the “Aerobox” series that has starred him and his sister, “Celeste,” since it debuted in 1990.

The first film was “Aerial,” starring Daniels and his siblings and featuring songs by the Black Keys.

Daniels also co-wrote the songs “Bitch Better Have My Money” and “My Way.”

The “Aero Boy” series has been on hiatus since 1999, but was re-launched in 2012 with a new film and new musical numbers.

The series is still popular with fans, with an average of 2.7 million fans watching a “Aerosmith” reunion special.

In a statement, DreamWorks said: “We are very pleased to announce a new agreement with Disney that will give the “Camelot” team the opportunity to continue its creative process, including bringing on some of the most talented creative talent in Hollywood to help create the ‘Aeroboy’ film.”

The deal also brings Disney back to animation after three decades of struggling with a lack of interest in its animation properties.

Disney was one of a handful of animation studios that took a hard look at making films for the big screen but didn’t make a decision until after it had finished “The Avengers.”