In the UK, many businesses are increasingly looking for creative brands to help them achieve the kind of success that their clients want.

But how do they find the right brand?

Are they being judged on a number of metrics, or do they just want to be recognised for what they do?

And how do you choose one?

Here are some questions to ask to get a clearer picture of your creative brand.

Who is the creative brand?

This question is tricky to answer, because it depends on your business.

It depends on the kind and quality of your business, your type of business, and your brand.

You could be a small business that does small branding or an organisation that does big branding, for example.

How do you know if you’re being judged?

Some businesses have a very strict brand management plan and use a number (or more) of different branding methods.

Others have a more flexible approach, and rely on the advice of an experienced brand consultant or a consultant to do the job.

What is your objective?

This could be the quality of the product or service, the level of customer service you offer, or the overall experience.

Is it just about the branding?

Is it a purely personal brand?

Or does it represent the company’s mission?

Are you aiming for a certain kind of customer or are you trying to attract an audience that is more mainstream?

Are there any outside influences in your marketing?

Are the people who are associated with your business being judged too?

Do you have a clear mission?

Do your products or services meet the needs of your target audience?

Are your marketing strategies being aligned with the business?

Are people who buy your products, services or business doing so because they love you?

What does your business do?

Are all the customers who are in your business on your list of customers?

Are their views reflected in your products and services?

Are other businesses using your products?

Are customers coming to you because they like your business?

How do they interact with your products in the future?

Do they have to buy your brand or do you have other options?

Do the people at the top of the organisation look after you?

Do people in your organisation know what you’re up to?

Do any of your customers use your products regularly?

Do their feedback or suggestions make you feel more successful?

Do other businesses look after your brand?

Do customers have a say in the way you’re doing business?

Do all your customers or potential customers have to sign up for your business to do business with you?

Is your brand unique?

Is this a brand you’re looking to build on?

Do there have been other companies who have tried your brand and found that it wasn’t really their thing?

Do anyone in your team or in your organization have worked with you before?

Do employees or volunteers at your business know about your brand, or are they just people you know?

Are products or other business services you offer free?

Does your product or business have a high quality, or does it need to be paid for?

Is there a clear plan to how you’re going to run the business, with a clear end goal?

Is everything transparent?

Do others around you or on your team have the same goal?

What are your main marketing and communications strategies?

Are these shared or separate?

Are communication and communication campaigns being run independently or in partnership?

Do key people in the organisation have the job of being a creative consultant?

Are staff in your company getting paid for their work?

Do senior management have a role in managing your business and your marketing strategy?

Are senior executives getting paid in the same way as other senior executives?

Is the marketing and communication team working independently?

Are those senior executives being paid in accordance with the company policy?

Do managers in your office or organisation have a separate job?

Are employees getting paid as part of the senior management team?

Do individuals are being paid for what work they’re doing?

Are any of the employees involved in the creative team getting paid?

Do management have any responsibility for the marketing campaign?

Are marketing and sales people in senior management paid in line with their role?

Is senior management in charge of running the company?

Are management involved in creating the strategy for the business’s future?

Is management involved with the way that the business is run?

Are anyone in management involved?

Do staff and volunteers at the business get paid for the work they do for the organisation?

Are workers in senior leadership getting paid on a salary basis?

Are managers in senior executive roles getting paid based on the length of their role in the company and their experience?

Do supervisors at your organisation get paid on the basis of how long they’ve worked in your workplace?

Do workers at your company get paid in cash?

Is anyone in senior staff in management getting paid, regardless of how much they’ve been paid?

Is anybody in senior senior management being paid based solely on their position?

Are non-executive staff getting paid at the same rate as employees?

Do executives in senior company get