By: Jennifer P. DeMelloDisneyland Resort in Orlando, Florida, has a new design that features the Disney logo, with an emphasis on the “Creative” part of the name.

The design has been called the “Discovery” and the “Fantastic Adventure” and will open this fall at the new Disney Creative Studio, which is located at the Disney Springs resort.

“Creative is a key element of the Disney brand and this new studio is a significant step forward in the evolution of Disney’s creative offerings,” said David Hirsch, President, Disney Creative Studios.

“It is a fantastic addition to our creative portfolio, and we are thrilled to see Disney making creative contributions to the lives of our guests.”

Creative Studios, which has offices in Orlando and California, will be located in the Disney World Resort at Epcot, Walt Disney World, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

It will also include offices in Anaheim, Orlando, and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, among others.

Disney has not yet announced a launch date for the new studio, but Disney will share more details later this month.