Fox News contributor Matt Gertz was the first to report the costumes at the Fox Theater in Chicago on Halloween night.

The costume contest was an annual tradition at Fox Theater since the 1980s.

This year, it was the show’s 25th year.

Fox Theater is a massive room with many large televisions and multiple screens that can accommodate about 4,000 people.

Gerts and his colleagues were given a choice of costumes for the night: costumes from the popular Disney movie “Frozen” or from the hit TV show “The X-Files.”

The X-files were chosen because of their distinctive looks.

A typical costume was a red hooded coat with white trim and a white dress with black trim.

This costume was worn by Fox’s regular X-file guest, Agent Mulder.

The dress featured a red bodice with white sleeves and a red bowtie.

The red cape was worn with a black skirt.

This one was worn to the end of the show.

Gretta was also given a costume.

It was a simple white dress, but with a pink bow tie and a pink pom pom.

She wore a black leather dress with white and pink trim and white shoes.

Gretsa was dressed as the X-men character Wolverine in the Xmen movies, which are the best-selling comic book series in history.

She was dressed in a black leotard with black boots and black boots with white soles.

The audience applauded the show as they watched the X and the X men characters meet in the movie.

“They’re the best dressed X-man,” Grettas said, noting that he got the costume from a friend.

Fox’s website reported that about 1,400 people were in attendance, and the venue’s owner, Bill Haskins, said that the show was the biggest in the history of the theater.

The event’s Facebook page also had hundreds of photos of the crowd, with thousands of people snapping pictures of the event.

The Fox Theater has become a popular spot for live entertainment since it opened in 1989.

Gretz tweeted that the crowd was “a lot of fun, but they were just too loud.

People started getting into trouble.”

He later tweeted, “We had about 500 people show up.

This is a lot of people.”

Grettes posted on the Facebook event page, “It was an incredible night.

We have to thank Bill Hakes for making the event possible.

He and the staff did an amazing job, and all of us in the audience were really proud of the costumes.

We all got a lot out of this experience.”

Grets told Fox News that he has been to Fox Theater before, and said that he “loves that building and it has been a huge part of my life.”