Ars Technicamost article You probably have a laptop you love.

But if you’re a programmer, you probably have the option of building your own.

There are hundreds of DIY kits on Amazon, including ones that look like the latest Apple MacBook Pro.

And for a lot of people, those cheap-o hardware alternatives can get pretty complex.

Here are some of the best cheap-ass laptops on the market.

The Best Cheap Laptops for Beginners There are tons of cheap laptops on Amazon right now.

But there’s one laptop that has become a huge hit among beginners, and it’s the $100 Asus Chromebook Pixel.

This inexpensive, small, Chromebook Pixel has a built-in touchscreen, a touchscreen-less keyboard, and the best-selling, most powerful Chromebook laptop you can buy.

It’s a dream laptop, and I’m not talking about its keyboard.

The Pixel is a solid piece of hardware, and its screen is a great one for beginners.

Its 1080p display can easily be converted to 1080p with a little tweaking, and you can use the Pixel’s built-ins like Chrome, the browser, and a bunch of other apps.

It also has a pretty solid webcam.

The Chromebook Pixel is the best Chromebook laptop available right now, and for a pretty penny, you can get it for less than $100.

If you’re looking for a cheap Chromebook, look no further than the Asus Chromebook Chromebook Pixel, a $100 Chromebook laptop that’s worth the investment.

The best Chromebook laptops are the ones that are affordable, and this Asus Chromebook is no exception.