In August this year, Instagram launched a new creative cloud subscription service, allowing users to buy a $99.99 per year account, which will run for a year, for an average of $7,400.

The service has since attracted hundreds of thousands of new customers.

The company has now launched another, new offering, Creative Cloud Unlimited, which includes a number of other new features, including unlimited photos uploaded per month, up to 500 images per day, and a 30-day trial of Creative Cloud.

There’s also a new $7.99 “Creative Cloud Essentials” plan which will include access to Creative Cloud, a number the company has confirmed will cost $99 per month.

These features aren’t cheap, but the company is still looking to the future.

In a blog post on Tuesday, Instagram said that it was looking to grow its cloud revenue by $100 million over the next two years.

“We want to build a cloud ecosystem that can drive more value for our users,” it wrote.

As part of that, Instagram will be launching a new Creative Cloud app, which it says will “give creators and artists the power to sell their creative content directly to users and to grow their businesses”.

It says that its new app will “offer creative creators the ability to easily share and sell their work directly to Instagram users”, as well as “offer a new way for creators to connect with the audience”.

“With Creative Cloud Essensys, users can easily access and sell content directly from Instagram and create new relationships that can be monetised through creative services,” the company said.

This will mean that the Instagram app will be able to monetise some of its existing users, but Instagram is not saying what percentage of the user base it will be catering to.