A creative dog named Boudin was named after an artist who’s also the creative director of the Toronto Art Gallery.

But he’s not just any dog: Boudins first name is a pun on the English word “Boudy” and its diminutive meaning “little bird.”

Boudys are adorable and intelligent pets who have always been an icon of British literature, but they’re also a bit more complicated than that.

Boudynny is an Anglicized version of the name Boudy, meaning “bouquet” or “bird nest,” and it is used in British English as well as English as a second language, although it is not as widely used.

There are also other variations, such as Boudnys, Bouds, Brounts, Bouquetty, Bouquets, Bourns, and Bouquetts.

In fact, Bouss, as well, is a diminutive form of the word Boud.

Here are the six dog names that most closely resemble Bouden.