A few years ago, we had a post titled How to Create a ‘Creative’ Cartoon Page with a Single Image, which described the process for creating a page with one single image. 

This post got a lot of attention, but we decided to put it on our blog to show how easy it is to create an image page using only a few lines of code. 

The blog post is now live.

Here’s how you can use it to make a quick, easy-to-understand infographic with just a few line of code: Create a new image in Photoshop Select the Image you want to create Create an object and set its opacity and fill Color the object’s fill color, which will be used as the background image of the page You can also choose to use a gradient color or a solid color.

Fill the object with a color and set the gradient opacity to 0.5 Apply a color gradient to the object.

Change the background color of the object to white and set a fill color of black (the same color as the object).

Now you’re ready to create your infographic.

Go to Image > New Image and fill the image with a blank white canvas.

Choose a color for the background.

Add a white border around the image.

Now go to Image Tool > Draw > Add and select the image you just made.

Paste it in the Edit area of your canvas.

Add the following code to the end of the code block.