Tees are not your typical sneakers.

They’re made of cotton and nylon, and they’re made to look stylish, but they’re also designed to look like sneakers.

Here’s how to make your own t-shirts in under 15 minutes.

(Photo: Getty Images)Tees are often worn on the side of the feet, and some brands offer t-shirt designs that will let you wear them as sneakers.

The basics are to simply cut the fabric in half, and then weave it into a long sleeve, or a long-sleeve tee.

The result will look like a pair of sneakers with a long, narrow sole.

(For the most part, t-shirts are made of polyester and cotton, but some are made with other materials.)

Here are some of our favorite t-siders.

Here are some other options:Some t-shop designers, like M.A.M.P.T. and M.

P, offer tee designs with multiple styles.

Here are three of our favorites.


A of M. P.T.’s design is a classic “guitar” tee with a knit top, while M.B. of M P. T.’s is a more classic “lady’s” tee.

Both look pretty good.)

Here are other t-wear options for men:If you want a simpler look, try the tee with two-tone stripes.

This tee comes in three colors: a light gray and white, a medium gray and black, and a dark gray and a teal color.

(The teal shade is available in black, teal and black.)

The tees in the above photos are available at a number of stores.

(Some stores have limited availability, so be sure to check the store’s website before ordering.)

For a more traditional tee, try a striped tee.

This design is available at several retailers, including Target, Gap, H&M, and Forever 21.

You can find tees from most major retailers, but you may need to use your own judgment and try on a few pairs to see which look is right for you.

You should always order t-ties in the summertime, when they’re warmer and are easier to put on.

If you need a different color, there are t-tees available for men, women, and kids.

Here is a chart of the colors you can choose from.

(Check out the full chart to see more colors and sizes.)

For the ultimate in fashion and style, try out this tee.

(It’s available at many retailers, and it’s available in three different sizes.)

There are also t-tops available for a more tailored look.

(If you don’t have a favorite, we suggest checking out the men’s tee from GAP.)

Here is the tee you can buy.