Pune, India – February 8, 2019 – An app that allows people to explore the city from the comfort of their smartphones and tablet devices is the most downloaded app in the country, a survey by digital agency, Digital Globe India said on Wednesday.

In the month of February, the app had over 30 million downloads, with a monthly average of over 30,000 downloads, the survey by the agency said.

Pune, which is in the state of Maharashtra, has a population of over 3.6 million people.

According to the data, the city of Pune has the highest number of smartphone users in the entire country at 9.1 million people, with an average monthly download of 7,700.

Pune is followed by Chennai with 5.4 million users and Mumbai with 4.4 mil.

The survey was conducted in March, April and May and will be presented in a series of reports on digital news portal, News24.