The game was played on Sunday, Sept. 9, 1974, when the Detroit Lions defeated the New York Giants 29-14.

The game featured a new format, a time slot of 10:25 a.m.

ET, and it was televised on NBC Sports Network.

Here are some of the most memorable moments from the game: Detroit’s offense had a good game.

The Lions scored the first touchdown of the game with 3:02 left in the fourth quarter.

They drove down the field, got to the New Orleans 35, and then put the ball in the end zone on their own 6-yard line.

Then the defense picked up the tempo and gave the Lions a chance.

But after two plays, the ball was thrown to wide receiver John Taylor, who ran it back for a touchdown.

“We were just trying to get it going,” Taylor said after the game.

“It was a long touchdown drive.”

The next drive featured another scoring drive.

After a short gain, Taylor ran it for a 7-yard touchdown.

The final score was 21-0, but it was the first time in NFL history that the Lions had scored multiple touchdowns in a single game.

A week later, the Lions scored seven touchdowns on the same drive.

The teams traded scores for the first three games of the season, but in the final two games, the game was tied at 13.

That game featured the most points scored in the NFL.

The score was 23-13 on a game-winning drive with 1:39 left in regulation.

Then New Orleans scored a touchdown on its next possession, a 28-yard pass to wideout Terry Collins with less than five minutes left in overtime.

That was the only score the Lions would score in regulation for a third straight game.

Lions quarterback John Taylor and wide receiver Terry Collins are pictured after a touchdown against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXVII in Pasadena, Calif., Sunday, Feb. 15, 1986.

New Orleans also scored a pair of touchdowns on a drive.

A 25-yard scoring run by receiver Willie Brown gave the Patriots a 20-14 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Then linebacker Ray Lewis’ game-tying touchdown run with 6:14 left in OT put the Patriots up 35-34 with 10:13 left in play.

The next three plays gave the Saints a 27-13 lead.

Lewis threw a pick-six to receiver Larry Csonka in the first half, and Csonkas touchdown catch with 4:37 left in game time put the Saints up 39-31 with 11:34 left in stoppage time.

That gave New Orleans the ball at its own 31-yard-line with 1 minute left in a game that would end in a tie.

After New Orleans’ first touchdown, coach Jimmy Johnson said, “I just think we are going to keep moving forward.

This is our season, and we will come out and play.”

After New York’s first touchdown in overtime, Johnson said that he didn’t think his team was going to have a chance to win the game, and that he wanted to take the time to let them know that the team was ready to play.

“I don’t think I’m going to go out there and say, ‘We’re not going back out there,'” Johnson said.

“This is a special team, special game, special organization, special fans.”

And yet, the NFL still had a problem.

In the fourth game of the 1975 season, the Saints beat the Oakland Raiders 27-0.

Then, the teams traded touchdowns for the next two games.

Then in the third game of that season, they played in the NFC Championship Game, and the New Jersey Jets beat the San Francisco 49ers 24-10.

But the season ended in the middle of a five-game losing streak for New Orleans.

Then a few months later, it was announced that the game would be moved to 8 p.m., instead of 9:30

The last time the game had been played at 8:30 a.p.m was in 1995, when New Orleans beat the Miami Dolphins 23-7.

Here’s how the game played out on Sunday: The Lions had a great offense.

The offense put up 36 points and went 4-for-7 on third down.

The defense held the offense to 37 yards rushing.

New York quarterback Jim McMahon had six interceptions.

In their second-quarter comeback, New Orleans drove downfield for a 15-yard gain on its first possession, then scored on a 13-yarder to linebacker Kevin White.

The second half started with a score.

After an 8-yard punt, linebacker Darryl Fuller intercepted New Orleans quarterback George Blanda on third and goal from the New Mexico 1.

The Saints scored on their next drive to take a 10-6 lead.

But in the 3rd quarter, the Jets scored a 10.

They scored three touchdowns