A Palestinian artist has been arrested on charges of insulting Islam by tattooing a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed on his forehead.

The artist, who is not named in court papers, is accused of insulting religious beliefs, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture said in a statement Thursday.

The charge was reported after the artist was summoned to the Palestinian Magistrate’s Court in Ramallah, the ministry said.

The artist’s name has not been released.

The ministry said that the incident took place in a park in the northern city of Nablus on Thursday.

The court issued the arrest warrant after the judge asked him to provide proof that he was not an extremist, the statement said.

The case comes after a similar case in which a Palestinian man was arrested for a similar offense in the city of Hebron last year.

The charges were later dropped.

Last year, Israeli police arrested a Palestinian woman for the same offense.

The woman had been in the United States and was in the process of applying for a work visa, the Jerusalem Post reported.