In my recent article on font choices for creative agencies, I talked about the use of fonts to create the typeface and fonts to use as an agency’s primary logo.

Now that we’re at the point where people are actually using fonts for branding, it’s time to look at the pros and cons of these fonts, which will hopefully help you make a decision about whether you want to purchase them.

Fonts for branding fonts have many pros and prosets, so I’ll cover them one at a time, with the main objective of highlighting the main pros and their pros and the prosets.

Fonts for marketing fontsFonts have the most pros for marketing agencies.

They’re very easy to set up and use, they provide great readability and are easy to read for people with disabilities.

For a more complex branding project, a font can have a number of advantages, like: The font can easily be used in other projects, like an email template, for example.