Creative jobs can be a lot of fun, but the career opportunities in the creative fields can be challenging, even if you’ve got a degree.

The following list of top creative jobs are on your to-do list.1.

Designing and illustrationAs a designer, you will have a lot to learn.

Designers will need to know about the basics of designing and how to create an engaging user experience, which means designing a piece of art or video that will bring people together, be entertaining or make a statement.2.

Photography and video productionThe photography and video industry is huge in India and is the best place to start a career in it.

Many professionals choose to do this because of the opportunities for professional development, which includes working in locations like India, the US, China and many other countries.3.

Visual and performing artsAs a visual artist, you can be working in an artist-friendly setting, and you can also learn about and explore the art of performance art.

You will need an appreciation of visual arts to excel in the art form, which can include making films and concerts, performing concerts and film and TV shows, performing in festivals, performing at festivals, and making music.4.

JournalismAs a journalist, you’ll have to learn about a wide range of subjects, which will include breaking news, political news, international news, and international affairs.

You’ll also need to have a basic knowledge of the news media in the country.5.

Design and productionThe creative industries are in a transition phase, but they can be quite rewarding.

You can be creating new works of art, creating video games and even creating websites and apps.6.

Writing and artwritingAs a writer, you might be working on a project or creating a book.

This can be an excellent career option if you want to create a piece that brings people together and makes them laugh.7.

Web design and developmentAs a web designer, your job is to build and maintain websites and applications for the world.

You should know the basics about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and be able to build a website or application from scratch.8.

VideographyAs a videographer, you could be working to create videos and other creative work for TV channels, magazines and other media outlets.9.

Art, design and architectureAs a landscape architect, you would need to build your own homes and offices for yourself and your family.

This could be a great career option, particularly if you have a background in architecture or have an interest in the design of buildings.10.

Artistic communicationAs a artistic communicator, you are going to be doing creative work and will have to be comfortable with speaking about different subjects, as well as working with people.

You need to be able of communicating effectively and accurately, and to understand and speak in English.11.

Design, production and marketingThe creative fields are in flux, and there is a lot going on in the world today.

However, as long as you are focused on the right things, you should be able make it as a successful artist, designer, creative professional, businessperson or even a writer.