By the time the cover was published, the Internet was already buzzing with suggestions about what characters would make an appearance on the covers of upcoming comic books.

The Internet’s obsession with Wonder Woman and Batman was so great that one Redditor managed to track down and upload a few images of them, along with the caption, “Which character in the Wonder Woman movie would you like to see on the cover?”

The images have since been seen more than a million times on Reddit, and have since gained popularity among comic fans and writers alike.

The question is: which one would you rather see on your comic book cover?

Here are some of the best examples of the Wonder woman, Batman, and Wonderman ideas, along a list of the most popular:For some fans, the idea of Wonder Woman on the big screen is already a hit, as it’s the inspiration behind many of the character’s most popular covers.

But there are some fans who don’t agree with that sentiment.

Some think the movie will only be a “fairy tale” to many fans, and the character would just be an overused, unoriginal character.

Others argue that the film would be just as good with a more traditional Wonder Woman, as she has a deeper history and would represent a more modern take on Wonder Woman.

There are a few things to keep in mind when considering the Wonderwoman cover idea.

First, if it were to be a feature film, the studio would have to hire a director to develop the movie, which could take a long time.

And the Wonder women aren’t the only ones that have come up for the job.

Other characters who would be great to have on the screen include the Red Skull, the Penguin, and more.

The fact that Wonder Woman is on the page of a comic comic book book doesn’t mean it will be a reality in the movie.

Some Wonder women will also be in the future, but there won’t be a Wonder Woman TV show to bring her back to the bigscreen.

The first Wonder Woman film is set for release in 2018.